An unkillable smartphone with a large battery of 4500 mAh and a huge screen of 453" has appeared on the shelves of stores in Russia For a long time, smartphones in the budget segment were produced under the name of state employees, and then sold quite successfully. Now the design of inexpensive devices is changing, and some brands focus on the protection of the devices. The reason for this is the design of the case, which is made of plastic. The international manufacturer Redmi has already released a smartphone with a glass case, and now an unkillable glass.So, an unkillable smartphone with a large battery of 4500 mAh and a huge screen 453" was announced:Redmi 9 ProThis is a large smartphone with a frameless screen with a hole for the front camera at the top left. The main camera module consists of three lenses. The fingerprint scanner is located under the display (it is not visible). The diagonal of the screen is 4.8 inches. We also appreciate the presence of a large battery. According to manufacturers, the device will receive 4500 mAh, and in this it is true. But the number of megahotards is not such a big factor. It is worth noting also that the processor is the most powerful among all the budget models. In fact, even among the mid-price segment, the Snapdragon 720G is not so popular.The main camera is equipped with an led flash, as is the case in many flagships. The screen has a diagonal of 4.59 inches. It is worth noting that the Snapdragon received support for 5G networks. The Snapdragon 720G received an additional memory card slot, as well as a USB Type-C port.In the redmi 9 Pro smartphone comes the main camera module, and this was achieved thanks to a wide-angle lens that has a viewing angle of 123 degrees. The resolution of the main camera is 48 MP. The front camera received 8 MP.Among the additional functions, the developers have placed a fingerprint scanner on the back panel of the device. The NFC module, as well as fast charging of the charger, is also present.The device received a Micro SD slot for memory expansion.The battery capacity is 4500 mAh. The smartphone does not have a Micro USB port. It is worth noting that the smartphone is equipped with a good processor. Its clock speed is 2.8 GHz, and the graphics accelerator is Adreno 618.The battery capacity is 453 mAh. The battery is removable, which is quite good. It can be replaced by a Micro USB, but this option is more expensive.The smartphone has a good camera and a good battery. It is worth noting that the model is made in a plastic case, which is quite good. It looks quite attractive.The original article is here. Next — even more useful and interesting things!Full information